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Lead Generation for Recovery

Lead Generation for Recovery

Recent years have seen dramatic rises in the population of Americans struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The extraordinary growth in prescription opioid abuse¬†has changed the face of addiction in America. It no longer looks like the strung out kid begging on the street…it looks like you or me..or our parents. This problem is now killing more Americans each year than road traffic accidents and there is no sign of it stopping soon. Recent changes in insurance coverage has meant that more Americans afflicted by this condition can obtain help at least in part paid for by their health insurance.

These factors have led to a rapid growth in both the number of treatment facilities and the demand for their services. Search Initiatives has many years of experience connecting people looking for a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, a plumber or an electrician to appropriate service providers. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a similar, if more complex challenge. Treatment facilities who are expert in delivering care but inexperienced in the complexities of online marketing can find the world of lead generation for rehabilitation and expensive and time consuming distraction.

Search Initiatives works with these facilities to establish exactly what kind of potential client they wish to reach and manages that process by delivering in bound calls from potential clients in the volume the facility needs and with the right kind of insurance coverage.